virtual tape machine
by Gaylor Design
Q: How do I install the Whizzer?
A: Installation is remarkably simple:
  1. The 25-way D cable (supplied) connects to the SSL S29E transport socket (usually located under/behind the console patchbay, marked MULTITRACK) from the Whizzer socket (marked S29E)
  2. The Whizzer's TIMECODE OUT feeds the console SMPTE READ input patchpoint
  3. the console's SMPTE GEN out patchpoint feeds the DAW/HD recorder's LTC input (or sync interface)
  4. Alternatively, The Whizzer's MIDI OUT may be fed to the DAW/HD recorder's MIDI input or interface
  5. A new machine should be added to the Machines Menu in the SSL computer, then the parameters provided in the manual entered
That's it!
Q: Can I adjust the Whizzer's "wind" speed?
A: Yes. When the Slow/Fast toggle switch is UP in fast wind, the machine runs about as fast as an analogue tape machine ie. at about 15x play speed. Toggle DOWN, the Whizzer winds at about 100x play speed. If the Fast Forward or Rewind transport keys are held down the machine will wind at "standard" speeds until released.
Q: Why does the timecode reader on the SSL computer only count backwards (or forwards) irrespective of the direction the Whizzer is winding?
A: This will almost certainly be due to the Forward Direction Sense parameter in the SSL computer Machine Page being incorrectly set, check that all parameters are set as shown in the manual.
Q: Can you supply a cable to reach from the console to a Whizzer in my machine room?
A: Of course, we can build a custom S29 cable to your specifications.